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So, I finally decided to book a flight going to Singapore to spend a long weekend from the holidays I earned from work. Was really on a tight budget recently but then again, I got influenced by my friend to go ahead and just book it since the flights are kind of cheap anyway and I was supposed to go visit last year and didn’t push through because of unexpected situations. Anyway, this trip was really such a nice experience because it was my first time to go on a solo trip (although, I met up with friends for some days but I mean you know, you get the picture. Haha).

Normally I would sketch up an itinerary before visiting a new place but this time, I just went on and scribbled some notes of the famous landmarks and attractions. Thank goodness for technology because it was of really great help in navigating when taking a tour around the city. So, I was just mostly relying on my google maps in finding the places I wanted to see.

Good thing my friend was so kind (or napilitan) to pick me up at the airport (because I’m spoiled like that) hehe. We went straight for a walk around Marina Bay and to see the very famous Merlion in which I didn’t quite get a decent picture because of the mad crowd around the area. Hahaha.

Of course, Universal Studios was the highlight of my trip because I practically paved my way to Singapore just for this. Hehe. It was so much fun because it wasn’t too crowded (went on a Sunday) so the lines were not that long. Weather was great too! Although it was scorching  hot; well, what do you expect? It’s friggin’ summer!!

Also, went to National Museum of Singapore and did a walking tour in Haji Lane where there are a lot of interesting shops, cafes and very artsy fartsy murals. Gardens by the bay was also a treat for the eyes because there were a lot of tulips on display in the flower dome during my visit; and of course a trip to any Asian country is not complete without visiting shop houses in Chinatown.

Thank you Singapore for having such a nice train system. I was able to move around the city by merely hopping on and off train stations. And of course, thank you to my very gracious hosts who accommodated me (shout out to Ms. Jhanie, Ate Jhoan and Sugar) during my visit. xx

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